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Pacheco appoints employee to Green Task Force

The City Council on Tuesday appointed a nominee to the Green Task Force who was chosen by Mayor Blanca Pacheco and is an employee at the mayor’s law firm. Wendy Mora works as an associate at the Law Office of Blanca Pacheco, according to her Linkedin. Additionally, Mora’s Facebook shows that she is employed by Pacheco Realty & Associates, a real estate company owned and operated by Pacheco and her family. The City Council approved the resolution to appoint Mora to a term ending in December of 2024 by unanimous vote, with councilmembers Claudia Formeta and Donald E. La Plante absent. The item was passed on the consent calendar, meaning no discussion was held. Each councilmember is given the opportunity to nominate one member to the Green Task Force, an advisory group, who must then be confirmed by the council as a whole.

The Green Task Force’s mission, according to the city’s website, is to foster greater environmental awareness and ensure implementation of sustainable practices citywide. Their last meeting was held in 2020. The last Green Task Force Report available on the city’s website is dated 2010. Mora was previously appointed to the Urban Forest Management Plan Workgroup by Pacheco in 2020.