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Downey businesses temporarily closing: Apparently, Porto’s hides positive cases

Photo: Courtesy

Porto’s Downey location and Tempo Cantina are reported to have temporarily closed after having various COVID-19 cases. 

By: Clarissa Arceo

Thursday, June 25th, Porto’s Bakery sent out a tweet regarding their temporary closing at the Downey location after employees contracted COVID-19. 

Sources say there were 10 cases of the virus while Porto’s only announced three, “I have friends who work at Porto’s,” they say, “There were employees posting it on social media, trying to spread awareness online via Instagram and Twitter but the company has been removing their comments to hide it from the public.” 

Photo: Tempo Cantina Facebook

In their announcement, Porto’s released a date for resuming their in-car pickup via online ordering service for Monday, June 29. 

Tempo Cantina announced their temporary closing only yesterday, Friday, June 27, for the safety of customers and their employees, but have yet to announce a reopening date.